Blows His Own Trumpet Meaning

Learn the meaning of ‘blows his own trumpet’ and how self-promotion can affect perceptions. Find out how to avoid being perceived as arrogant or boastful in your personal and professional life.

What Does it Mean to ‘Blow His Own Trumpet’?

When someone ‘blows his own trumpet,’ it means that they boast about their achievements, skills, or talents in a way that is perceived as arrogant or self-promoting. This expression originated from the literal action of blowing a trumpet to draw attention to oneself.

Examples of ‘Blowing His Own Trumpet’

  • A colleague who constantly talks about his high sales numbers and how he is the best salesperson in the company is ‘blowing his own trumpet.’
  • A friend who always brags about their accomplishments to make themselves look better than others is guilty of ‘blowing their own trumpet.’

Case Studies

Research has shown that individuals who frequently ‘blow their own trumpet’ may be perceived as less likable and trustworthy. A study conducted by Harvard Business Review found that self-promotion can backfire in professional settings, leading to negative perceptions from colleagues and peers.

Statistics on Self-Promotion

A survey by LinkedIn revealed that 42% of professionals believe that self-promotion is necessary for career advancement. However, 15% of respondents admitted that they found self-promotion uncomfortable or difficult to do.

How to Avoid ‘Blowing Your Own Trumpet’

  • Highlight your achievements in a humble and modest way.
  • Let others speak about your skills and accomplishments instead of constantly promoting yourself.
  • Focus on providing value and helping others, rather than seeking validation through self-promotion.

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