Electoral Bonds Meaning

Discover the meaning of electoral bonds and how they impact political funding. Learn about their benefits, criticisms, and the future of this controversial financial instrument.


Electoral bonds have been a hot topic in the political and financial world. They are a way for political parties to receive donations from corporations and individuals while maintaining the anonymity of the donor. Electoral bonds were introduced in India in 2018 as a way to bring transparency to political funding. Let’s delve deeper into what electoral bonds are and how they work.

What are Electoral Bonds?

Electoral bonds are financial instruments that can be purchased by any citizen or corporate entity from select banks in India. These bonds can then be donated to a political party of their choice. The identity of the donor is not disclosed to the public or the political party receiving the donation.

How do Electoral Bonds Work?

Once a donor purchases an electoral bond, they can donate it to a registered political party within a specific period. The political party can encash the bond through a designated bank account. The details of the donor remain confidential, ensuring anonymity.

Benefits of Electoral Bonds

  • Transparency in political funding
  • Protection of the donor’s identity
  • Legal and accountable method of donations

Criticism of Electoral Bonds

While electoral bonds aim to bring transparency to political funding, they have faced criticism for being a loophole for corporate entities to influence political parties without accountability.

Case Studies

One notable case study is the use of electoral bonds in the Indian political landscape. In the first few years of their introduction, electoral bonds were used extensively by corporate entities to fund political parties, raising concerns about potential quid pro quo arrangements.

Future of Electoral Bonds

The future of electoral bonds is uncertain, with calls for transparency and accountability in political funding. Some argue for the abolishment of electoral bonds, while others suggest reforms to ensure transparency and accountability.


Electoral bonds are a controversial but essential aspect of political funding. They provide a legal and confidential way for individuals and corporations to donate to political parties. However, the debate continues on whether electoral bonds truly bring transparency or are a tool for influencing political decisions.

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