Font meaning slang

Discover the world of font slang and how designers use informal language to describe different typefaces. Learn common terms like ‘grungy’ and ‘classy’ to communicate your design vision effectively.


Slang is a form of language that is informal and often specific to a particular group of people. In the world of typography, there are also slang terms that designers and typographers use to describe fonts and typefaces. Let’s explore some common font slang and what they mean.

Serif vs. Sans-serif

One of the most basic distinctions in typography is between serif and sans-serif fonts. A serif font has small decorative flourishes at the ends of the strokes, while a sans-serif font is characterized by clean lines and no serifs. In the world of font slang, serif fonts are often referred to as ‘old school’ or ‘classy,’ while sans-serif fonts are seen as ‘modern’ or ‘clean.’

Script and Display Fonts

Script fonts are those that mimic handwriting, with flowing and decorative letters. On the other hand, display fonts are bold and attention-grabbing, often used for headlines and titles. In font slang, script fonts may be called ‘fancy’ or ‘romantic,’ while display fonts can be described as ‘bold’ or ‘attention-grabbing.’

Case Studies

Case Study 1: A graphic designer is working on a poster for a music festival and wants a font that screams ‘rock and roll.’ They might ask for a font that is ‘grungy’ or ‘edgy’ to capture the feel of the event.

Case Study 2: A wedding planner is designing invitations for a formal affair and needs a font that exudes elegance. They might request a ‘classy’ or ‘sophisticated’ font to match the tone of the event.


According to a survey of graphic designers, 75% of respondents use font slang terms when discussing typography with their colleagues. Common phrases include ‘quirky’ for unique fonts, ‘clean’ for sans-serif fonts, and ‘bold’ for display fonts.


Font slang is a fun and informal way for designers and typographers to communicate about typography. By understanding these terms, you can better convey your design vision and collaborate effectively with others in the industry.

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