Hair of the Dog Meaning

Learn about the ‘hair of the dog’ meaning, its origin, examples of usage, and why it may not be the best remedy for a hangover. Discover alternatives to this traditional cure.

What does ‘Hair of the Dog’ mean?

Have you ever heard someone say they need a ‘hair of the dog’ to cure their hangover? This common phrase actually has an interesting origin and meaning. ‘Hair of the dog’ refers to the belief that drinking more alcohol, especially the same drink that caused the hangover, can alleviate the symptoms of a hangover. It suggests that the best way to cure a hangover is to drink more alcohol.

Origin of the Phrase

The saying ‘hair of the dog’ comes from the belief in medieval times that if someone was bitten by a rabid dog, applying a hair from that dog to the wound would cure them. This concept was later applied to drinking alcohol to cure a hangover.

Examples of Usage

“I had a rough night yesterday. I think I need a bit of the hair of the dog to feel better.”

Case Studies and Statistics

While some people swear by the ‘hair of the dog’ cure for hangovers, it is not scientifically proven to be effective. In fact, drinking more alcohol to cure a hangover can lead to further dehydration and other health risks. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, there is no definitive cure for a hangover, and the best way to alleviate symptoms is to stay hydrated and get rest.

Alternatives to ‘Hair of the Dog’

  • Drink water and electrolyte-rich beverages
  • Eat a healthy meal
  • Get plenty of rest

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