Harlot Meaning in Tamil

Learn about the meaning of ‘harlot’ in Tamil and the societal perceptions associated with it. Explore case studies and changing attitudes towards this term.

Understanding the Term ‘Harlot’

Harlot is a term that is commonly used to refer to a sexually promiscuous woman. In Tamil, the equivalent term for harlot is “அடைக்குழலி” (Adaikkuzhali). This term is often used in a derogatory manner to shame women who are perceived to be engaging in immoral behavior.

Societal Perceptions of Harlots

In traditional Tamil society, women who were seen as harlots were often ostracized and faced social stigma. They were considered to bring shame upon their families and were often excluded from community events.

Case Studies

One well-known case is that of a young woman who was falsely accused of being a harlot by her neighbors. Despite her innocence, she was subjected to harassment and discrimination by the community. This case highlights the damaging effects of labeling women as harlots without any basis.

Changing Perceptions

With changing times, the perception of harlots has also evolved. Many activists and organizations are working to challenge the stigma associated with the term and promote gender equality.


While the term ‘harlot’ may carry negative connotations, it is important to remember that every individual deserves respect and dignity regardless of their choices or actions. It is crucial to move away from shaming language and instead embrace a more inclusive and understanding society.

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