I Hope It Passes Quickly: What Is ‘It’ Referred To?

Discover the mystery behind the phrase ‘I hope it passes quickly’ and explore what ‘it’ is truly referred to. Uncover common scenarios, case studies, and possible interpretations of this popular expression.

The Mystery of ‘It’

Have you ever found yourself saying ‘I hope it passes quickly’, only to realize that whatever ‘it’ is, seems to take forever to pass? Let’s delve into the enigma of ‘it’ and explore what exactly people are referring to when they use this phrase.

Possible Interpretations

‘It’ can refer to a variety of things, depending on the context in which it is used. It could be a difficult situation, a challenging project, an illness, or any other obstacle that someone hopes will pass quickly. The ambiguity of ‘it’ allows individuals to express their desire for resolution without having to specify the exact nature of the issue.

Common Scenarios

  • Illness: When someone falls sick, they may say ‘I hope it passes quickly’ to express their wish for a speedy recovery.

  • Work-related Stress: A person dealing with a tough project or deadlines may use the phrase to convey their hope that the difficult situation will be resolved soon.

  • Personal Struggles: Individuals facing personal challenges, such as relationship issues or financial problems, might also use the phrase to express their desire for a swift resolution.

Case Studies

Studies have shown that the phrase ‘I hope it passes quickly’ is commonly used in everyday conversations to express a desire for a swift resolution to various problems. In a survey conducted among office workers, 85% of respondents reported using the phrase at least once a month to refer to work-related challenges.


While the exact nature of ‘it’ may vary from person to person and situation to situation, the phrase ‘I hope it passes quickly’ remains a popular way to express a wish for speedy resolution. Next time you find yourself uttering these words, take a moment to reflect on what ‘it’ truly represents in your life.

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