Meaning of Spandau Ballet

Discover the rich history and unique meaning behind the iconic band Spandau Ballet. Explore the fusion of elegance and rawness in their music.


Spandau Ballet, the iconic 80s band, has a rich history and a unique name that holds significance. Let’s explore the meaning of Spandau Ballet and its impact.

Origin of the Name

Spandau Ballet got its name from a World War II-era slang term used by Allied soldiers to refer to the jerky movements of the bodies of the executed prisoners in Spandau Prison in Germany. The juxtaposition of elegance and brutality in the name reflects the band’s blend of sophisticated music and edgy lyrics.

Significance of the Name

The name Spandau Ballet symbolizes the band’s fusion of diverse elements – elegance, style, and rawness. Just like the prisoners in Spandau Prison, the band members embrace their imperfections and past struggles to create beautiful music.

Impact on the Music Industry

Spandau Ballet emerged in the New Romantic scene of the 80s, combining fashion-forward aesthetics with catchy pop tunes. Their hit songs like ‘True’ and ‘Gold’ became anthems of the era, earning the band a loyal fan base and critical acclaim.

Legacy and Influence

Spandau Ballet’s music continues to inspire new generations of artists and fans. Their timeless sound and meaningful lyrics resonate with listeners around the world, making them a lasting presence in the music industry.


The name Spandau Ballet encapsulates the band’s journey and artistic vision, embodying a unique blend of elegance and raw emotion. As they continue to inspire and entertain audiences, their legacy lives on through their iconic name.

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