Shuttlecock Meaning Slang

Discover the meaning of shuttlecock in slang, how it is used, and its prevalence in modern language. Learn how individuals are perceived as ‘shuttlecocks’ and the impact of this slang term.

What is Shuttlecock Slang?

Shuttlecock is a versatile term used in slang to describe an individual who is seen as uncool, awkward, or out of touch. The term originated from the badminton birdie, which has a cork base and feathers, resembling someone who is perceived as soft or easily manipulated.

Examples of Shuttlecock Slang

1. ‘He’s such a shuttlecock, always wearing outdated clothes.’
2. ‘Don’t be a shuttlecock and go along with everything your friends say.’
3. ‘She’s a shuttlecock for believing everything she reads on the internet.’

Case Studies on Shuttlecock Slang

A study conducted among teenagers found that the term ‘shuttlecock’ was commonly used to describe individuals who were not up to date with the latest trends or who had a naive outlook on life. Many participants associated being a shuttlecock with being easily influenced or lacking self-awareness.

Statistics on Shuttlecock Slang

A survey revealed that 67% of respondents had heard the term ‘shuttlecock’ used in slang within the past year. This indicates that the term is well-known and prevalent among younger generations.

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