Understanding the Meaning of Percentile in English

Learn about percentiles in English, an important concept in statistics. Understand what percentiles indicate in datasets, their applications, ways of calculating, and their relations to both quartiles and percentile ranks.

Definition of Percentile

In statistics, a percentile is a measure used to indicate the value below which a given percentage of data falls. Simply put, it sorts a set of data into 100 equal parts. For example, the 25th percentile is the value (or score) below which 25% of the data falls. Similarly, the 50th percentile is the middle value of a dataset, with half of the data values falling below it and half exceeding it.

Purpose and Applications of Percentiles

Percentiles are a helpful tool in many areas. For instance, in academics, it is often used to compare student performance in standardised tests. If a student’s score is in the 85th percentile, it means they’ve performed better than 85% of their peers. In medicine, percentile charts are used to track and measure children’s growth. A child whose weight is in the 30th percentile, for instance, weighs more than 30% of their peers.

The Calculation of Percentiles

The formula to calculate a percentile is:

  • Percentile Rank = (Number of Scores Below X / Total Number of Scores) * 100

This formula forms the base of calculating both percentile ranks and percentiles, helping us understand where a particular value lies within a data set.

Understanding Percentiles through Quartiles

Quartiles are a special type of percentile. The dataset is divided into four parts instead of one hundred. The first quartile (Q1) is the 25th percentile, the second quartile (Q2) is the 50th percentile or median, and the third quartile (Q3) is the 75th percentile. These quartiles can be used to easily compare and assess the characteristics of a data set.

Understanding Percentiles through Percentile Ranks

Percentile ranks, on the other hand, show the percentage of scores that a specific score is greater than. They’re an indicator of the relative standing of a score within a set of scores.


Percentiles are a popular way of understanding and interpreting data, providing a clear and easy method to compare and distinguish between different values, ranks, and much more. Whether used in academics, health, or market research, understanding what percentiles mean will equip us to make better informed decisions.

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