Understanding the NTA Score in JEE Mains

Dive into the world of JEE Mains with a deeper understanding of how the NTA score works – a normalized score which determines entry into India’s top engineering colleges.

Introduction to JEE Mains

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains is a prestigious entrance test in India, conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for students seeking to get into top engineering institutes in the country such as the National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and the Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs). With intense competition, understanding the scoring process is crucial for aspiring candidates.

What is the NTA Score?

The ‘NTA Score’ is a normalized score given to candidates based on their relative performance in the JEE Mains exam. It is calculated by applying a statistical method known as ‘Normalization’ which considers the difficulty levels across different test slots or sessions.

Calculation of the NTA Score

Since the JEE Mains exam is conducted in multiple sessions, the difficulty level may vary from one session to another. To ensure fairness and equitability, the NTA adopts a normalization procedure based on percentiles to calculate the NTA scores. The percentile scores are converted into the NTA score ranging from 0 to 100 for each subject Maths, Physics, and Chemistry and the total. The highest score among the total NTA scores is considered as the overall NTA score.

  • Percentile Scores: These are scores based on the relative performance of all those who appear for the examination. Basically, the marks obtained are transformed into a scale ranging from 100 to 0.
  • NTA Score: This is the normalized score for the examination, calculated based on the relative performance of candidates across all sessions.

Why NTA Score is Important?

The NTA score is a measure that provides a fair comparison across different exam sessions. It is the determining factor in the declaration of the JEE Mains result and is used for the final merit list for admissions into the numerous prestigious engineering colleges across the country.


In conclusion, understanding the NTA score calculation is vital for any candidate planning to take the JEE Mains. This normalized score ensures fair and transparent evaluation while providing every student with an equal opportunity to thrive. By focusing on their preparation and grasping the scoring pattern, candidates can strategize accurately for a commendable NTA score, ensuring their success in the JEE Mains.

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