Understanding ‘What is Mean By’ in English

The phrase ‘What is meant by’ sparks clarity in communication and contributes to a deeper understanding of English linguistics. Explore its uses, its role in learning, and its impact on effective conversation.

Grasping the English Linguistic Phrase

The phrase ‘What is meant by’ in English can pose as a challenge to non-native speakers. It’s a common query phrase used in English conversations, academic discussions, and research inquiries. By definition, ‘What is meant by’ signifies a request to explain or clarify an unknown or unclear term or object.

Whether vocabulary or perception, understanding ‘what is meant by’ can vary based on the context, usage and purpose of conversation.

Case Studies – Usage in Various Context

The phrase can incorporate any object or concept that the user seeks clarification on. Here are some examples:

  • In normal conversation, it often centers on words or phrases. Consider this example: ‘What is meant by ‘etymology’?
  • In the field of academia or research, it often focuses on concepts or theories. For instance: ‘What is meant by the ‘Theory of Relativity’?

Note that in each case, the phrase ‘What is meant by’ precedes a term, phrase or concept requiring explanation or definition.

Role in The Learning Process

The ‘What is meant by’ phrase plays an integral role in the learning process. It fosters deeper understanding and encourages active engagement. It also leads to broadened knowledge horizons through clarification and enlightenment.

Impact on Communication

The phrase ‘What is meant by’ significantly impacts the quality of communication. It prompts dialogue, clears up misunderstandings and reduces ambiguity. It ensures a better grasp of the content and enables the transfer of accurate information.


By using ‘What is meant by’, one initiates a quest for understanding and clarification in English. It acts as a catalyst in enriching interpersonal communication, contributing to a clearer, more productive conversation. Understanding this phrase equips one with a powerful tool for effective communication and constant learning.

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