What Does a Cocked Hat Double Mean

Learn what a cocked hat double means in poker and how to navigate this challenging situation to improve your game. Strategies, examples, and case studies included.


When it comes to the game of poker, a ‘cocked hat double’ is a term that refers to a specific situation that can make or break a player’s hand. Understanding what this term means and how to navigate it can greatly impact your success at the poker table.

What is a Cocked Hat Double?

A cocked hat double occurs in poker when a player is dealt three cards of the same rank. This creates a potential dilemma for the player, as they must decide whether to keep all three cards, discard one, or discard two in order to try and improve their hand. The term ‘cocked hat’ comes from the fact that the three cards form a triangular shape, resembling a cocked hat.

Strategy for Cocked Hat Doubles

When faced with a cocked hat double in poker, players must carefully consider their options and weigh the potential risks and rewards of each decision. Keeping all three cards may seem like a strong move, but it can also limit the player’s ability to improve their hand. Discarding one or two cards, on the other hand, opens up the possibility of drawing new cards that could strengthen the hand.

Ultimately, the best strategy for navigating a cocked hat double will depend on the specific circumstances of the game and the player’s overall hand strength. It’s important to assess the value of each card in the hand and make an informed decision that maximizes the chances of success.

Examples of Cocked Hat Doubles

  • Player is dealt three kings in a game of poker.
  • Player decides to keep all three kings and ends up losing the hand.
  • Player is dealt three sevens and chooses to discard two cards, eventually drawing a fourth seven to make a winning hand.

Case Studies

In a recent poker tournament, player A was dealt three aces, creating a cocked hat double. Player A decided to keep all three aces, confident in the strength of their hand. However, player B was able to draw a flush and win the hand, ultimately knocking player A out of the tournament. This case study highlights the importance of careful decision-making when faced with a cocked hat double.


Understanding what a cocked hat double means in poker and how to navigate this situation can be a game-changer for players looking to improve their skills. By developing a strategic approach to handling these challenging hands, players can increase their chances of success and outmaneuver their opponents at the table.

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