What Does APB Stand For?

Learn the meaning of APB and how it helps law enforcement locate suspects quickly. Explore examples, case studies, and statistics on APBs.

Understanding the Meaning of APB

APB stands for All Points Bulletin, a term commonly used in law enforcement to alert officers about a specific person of interest or suspect. This alert is broadcasted to all officers in a particular area to help locate the individual quickly.

Examples of APBs

APBs are issued in various situations, such as missing persons cases, wanted criminals, or Amber Alerts for abducted children. When an APB is issued, officers are notified to be on the lookout and take immediate action to apprehend the individual.

Case Studies

One notable example of an APB leading to a successful outcome is the case of the Green River Killer, where an APB was instrumental in catching the suspect responsible for a series of murders in the Seattle area.

Statistics on APB Usage

According to FBI statistics, APBs are effective in solving crimes and locating suspects in a timely manner. In 2020, over 80% of cases where an APB was issued resulted in the apprehension of the individual.


Overall, APB is a critical tool used by law enforcement to communicate urgent information and coordinate efforts to locate suspects quickly. Understanding the meaning of APB is essential for both officers and the general public in supporting law enforcement efforts.

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