What Does M&M Stand For In English?

Ever wondered what the brand name M&M stands for? Dive into the insightful history of these iconic candies, tracing back to two families: Mars and Murrie.


M&M’s are a universally recognized confectionery product, but few actually know what the brand’s name stands for. Delving into its history provides an enlightening insight.

Meaning of M&M

M&M’s name originates from the initials of the founders’ surnames: Forrest Mars Sr. and Bruce Murrie. Forrest Mars Sr. was the son of the founder of the Mars Company, Frank Mars, while Bruce Murrie was the son of Hershey Chocolate’s president, William Murrie. Hence, the M&M stands for ‘Mars & Murrie’.

Origin and Progression

The formulation of this idea began when Forrest Mars Sr., during the Spanish Civil War, saw soldiers eating chocolate candies encased in a hard shell to prevent them from melting. This observation led to the development of one of the most popular chocolates worldwide. The creation of M&M’s began in 1941, and with permission to use Hershey’s chocolate during the cocoa shortage in World War II, M&M’s became a standard ration in the American soldiers’ meals.

The Brand Today

Currently, the M&M’s brand has grown to become a powerhouse in the confectionery industry. Billions of the colorful candies are produced daily in factories worldwide. The brand’s popularity is also largely due to its innovative marketing campaigns, such as the introduction of the iconic M&M’s characters.


M&M’s, standing for Mars & Murrie’s, has a deep-rooted history that traces back to the insightful observation of Forrest Mars Sr. Over the decades, this tiny, colorful candy has transformed into a brand recognized and beloved worldwide. The name exemplifies a successful partnership that has transcended generations, serving as a testament to the power of collaborative innovation.

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