What Does WD Mean in Golf

Discover what WD means in golf, why players choose to withdraw, and the impact of WD on tournaments. Explore examples of WD in golf and understand the implications of a player’s withdrawal.


When it comes to golf, there are many terms and acronyms that can be confusing to those new to the sport. One such term that often leaves beginners scratching their heads is ‘WD.’ So, what exactly does WD mean in golf?

Understanding WD in Golf

WD stands for ‘withdrawal’ in the golfing world. It is used when a player decides to withdraw from a tournament before completing all scheduled rounds. There can be various reasons why a player may choose to withdraw, such as injury, illness, or personal reasons.

Why Do Players Withdraw?

There are several factors that may lead a golfer to withdraw from a tournament:

  • Injury: A player may be forced to withdraw due to a physical injury that prevents them from playing at their best.
  • Illness: If a player falls ill during a tournament, they may choose to withdraw to focus on their health and recovery.
  • Personal Reasons: Sometimes, personal issues or emergencies may arise, leading a player to withdraw from a tournament.

Impact of WD on Tournaments

When a player withdraws from a tournament, it can have various implications:

  • Scoring: The player who withdraws is typically given a WD next to their name on the leaderboard. This indicates that they did not complete the tournament.
  • Field Size: The field size of the tournament may decrease if multiple players withdraw, impacting the competition.
  • Fan Disappointment: Fans and spectators may be disappointed when a popular player withdraws from a tournament.

Examples of WD in Golf

There have been several high-profile instances of players withdrawing from tournaments in golf. For example, in 2019, Tiger Woods withdrew from The Northern Trust citing an oblique strain. This decision sparked discussions among fans and analysts about his fitness and ability to compete at the highest level.


In conclusion, WD in golf stands for ‘withdrawal’ and is used when a player decides to pull out of a tournament before completing all rounds. There can be various reasons for a withdrawal, including injury, illness, and personal reasons. The impact of a WD can be felt on the tournament’s scoring, field size, and fan engagement. It is essential for players to consider their well-being and make informed decisions when choosing to withdraw from a competition.

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