What Does White Roses Mean in English

Discover the rich history and cultural significance of white roses. From purity and innocence to respect and remembrance, understand why they are a popular choice for meaningful occasions.

The Meaning of White Roses

In the world of floral symbolism, roses hold a significant place, and among them, white roses have their exceptional meaning. In general, the white roses carry the connotation of purity, innocence, and reverence, often making them the ideal choice for expressing such sentiments.

A Historical Overview

The symbolism of white roses traces back to the Victorian era, where they were used in bridal bouquets to signify the pure love and loyalty between the bride and groom. They were considered a symbol of virginity and purity in the Middle Ages, and in ancient Rome, they were associated with the goddess of love, Venus.

  • During the Victorian period, people communicated through flowers when words were considered unsuitable. It was then when white roses began to symbolize innocence and secrecy.
  • In some cultures, white roses are used to convey spiritual or religious sentiments, signifying holiness and virtue.

White Roses in Modern Times

Today, white roses are often used in wedding ceremonies to symbolize a new beginning, or at funerals to denote respect and remembrance. They’ve also become a symbol of honor for those who’ve shown heroism or made significant contributions to society.

Significance in Different Occasions

  • Weddings: White roses are a traditional wedding flower symbolizing purity and innocence of the bride’s heart and her unchanging love for the groom.
  • Memorials: The white rose is a fitting tribute to honor a loved one or to express sympathy. It symbolizes respect and pays homage to new starts and farewells.
  • Friendship: Giving a white rose to a friend basically speaks about the pure, platonic, and sincere bond of friendship between two individuals.


In conclusion, white roses have a historical and cultural significance, symbolizing purity, innocence, remembrance, and honor. Their versatility makes them suitable for a variety of occasions, making them a popular choice for meaningful gestures. From wedding celebrations to sober memorials, the white rose is a timeless symbol of purity, innocence, and respect.

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