What Does ‘Will You Be My Valentine’ Mean?

Intrigued by the meaning of ‘Will you be my Valentine’? Uncover the history, cultural significance, and modern usage of this cherished phrase of affection.


The phrase ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ is common, especially during the February 14th Valentine’s Day period. But what does it truly mean? Understanding the origins and implications of this popular phrase can help us appreciate it more.

Origins of the Phrase

The term ‘Valentine’ refers to a person that one would like to share Valentine’s Day with, a person that one has special feelings or express their affection for. Its origin dates back to a Roman priest named Saint Valentine, who is celebrated on February 14th. His acts of love and kindness towards all people earned him the tradition of being celebrated as a symbol of love.

Cultural Context

Throughout history and across different cultures, the concept of having a ‘Valentine’ has evolved. In present days, asking someone to be your Valentine often implies that they are special to you and you wish to express your feelings, often romantically, towards them on Valentine’s Day.

Modern Usage

Currently, ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ has become more than just a romantic proposal. It has grown to mean a desire to spend quality time – to laugh, to celebrate and to make memories together. This applies not just to romantic partners but also friends, family members, or anyone else who holds a significant place in one’s heart.


‘Will you be my Valentine?’ is a testament to expressing love and affection. It transcends romance, bridging gaps in friendships and familial ties as well. So, use this phrase proudly and remember, Valentine’s Day is more about expressing love and appreciation than it is about who you ask.

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