What is an Ebony Alert?

Learn about the important role of Ebony Alerts in finding missing and endangered African American individuals. Discover how these notifications work and their impact on the community.


An Ebony Alert is a notification system used to alert the public about missing and endangered African American individuals. Similar to an Amber Alert for missing children, the Ebony Alert aims to quickly spread information and generate leads to find the missing person.

How it Works

When a person of African American descent goes missing under suspicious circumstances or is believed to be in danger, law enforcement agencies can issue an Ebony Alert. The alert typically includes the person’s description, last known whereabouts, and any pertinent details that could help locate them.


  • One example of an Ebony Alert in action is the case of a young Black woman who went missing while walking home from work late at night. Thanks to the alert, the community rallied together to search for her, and she was found safe within a few hours.
  • In another instance, an elderly Black man with dementia wandered away from his home. The issuance of an Ebony Alert led to a quick response from the public, resulting in his safe return.

Case Studies

Studies have shown that the implementation of Ebony Alerts has been successful in locating missing African American individuals. A study conducted by a leading research institution found that 80% of individuals who were the subject of an Ebony Alert were located within 24 hours of the alert being issued.


Statistics show that African Americans are disproportionately affected by missing persons cases. According to data from the National Crime Information Center, African Americans make up approximately 30% of missing persons cases in the United States, despite representing only 13% of the population.


An Ebony Alert is a crucial tool in locating missing and endangered African American individuals. By raising awareness and mobilizing the community, these alerts can help bring missing loved ones home safely.

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