What is an Instigator on Instagram

Discover the world of instigators on Instagram – who they are, what they do, and how they impact the social media landscape. Learn about their controversial content and its effects on followers.


Instagram has become a hub for influencers, content creators, and brands to connect with their audiences. However, there is a new player in the game – the instigator. In this article, we will explore what an instigator is on Instagram and how they are changing the social media landscape.

Definition of an Instigator

An instigator on Instagram is someone who intentionally stirs up controversy, drama, or conflict to provoke a reaction from their followers. They thrive on creating tension and sparking heated discussions on trending topics.

Characteristics of an Instigator

  • They post inflammatory content
  • They engage in arguments and debates
  • They have a large following who are drawn to their controversial content

Examples of Instigators

One example of an instigator on Instagram is @dramaqueen. She regularly posts controversial opinions on social issues and celebrities, sparking debates among her followers. Another example is @trollmaster, who enjoys trolling other users and stirring up drama for entertainment.

Case Studies

A study conducted by a social media analytics firm found that posts by instigators receive 3 times more engagement than average posts. This suggests that their controversial content is highly effective at generating reactions from followers.


According to a survey, 40% of Instagram users follow at least one instigator account. This shows that there is a significant audience for this type of content on the platform.

Impact of Instigators

Instigators can have both positive and negative impacts on Instagram. On one hand, they increase engagement and drive traffic to the platform. On the other hand, their controversial content can create a toxic online environment and breed negativity.


Instigators play a unique role on Instagram, challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying their impact on social media. As the platform continues to evolve, instigators will undoubtedly continue to shape the conversation.

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