What is Attendance Allowance?

Learn about Attendance Allowance, a financial benefit for individuals with disabilities or long-term illnesses to cover care costs. Find out eligibility, benefits, and how it helps people live independently.


Attendance Allowance is a financial benefit provided by the government to help individuals who have a disability or long-term illness with the extra costs associated with their care needs.


To qualify for Attendance Allowance, you must be over the age of 65 and require help with your personal care due to a physical or mental disability. You must also have needed help for at least six months.


Attendance Allowance is a tax-free benefit that can be used to pay for things such as mobility aids, home adaptations, and personal care. The amount you receive depends on the level of help you need, with two different rates available.

Case Studies

For example, Sarah, a 70-year-old woman with arthritis, receives Attendance Allowance to help pay for a carer who assists her with dressing and bathing. This financial support has enabled her to continue living independently in her own home.


According to the Department for Work and Pensions, over 1 million people in the UK currently receive Attendance Allowance, with the majority being women over the age of 75.


Attendance Allowance plays a crucial role in supporting individuals with disabilities or long-term illnesses to live independently and access the care they need. If you think you may be eligible for Attendance Allowance, it is worth applying to see if you can benefit from this valuable support.

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