What is Closed on Presidents Day

Discover what is closed on Presidents Day and plan your activities accordingly. Government offices, banks, schools, and more observe this federal holiday. Stay informed to avoid any inconvenience.


Presidents Day, celebrated on the third Monday of February, honors all past US presidents. It is a federal holiday, and many businesses and government offices are closed. Let’s take a closer look at what is closed on Presidents Day.

Government Offices

Most government offices, including post offices, federal courts, and the Department of Motor Vehicles, are closed on Presidents Day. This means that if you need to get any government-related work done, you should plan accordingly.


Most banks are closed on Presidents Day. While some banks may choose to stay open, it is best to check with your local branch to confirm their holiday hours. ATMs, however, will still be accessible for withdrawals and deposits.


Many schools, both public and private, observe Presidents Day as a holiday. This means that students and teachers have the day off to celebrate and reflect on the contributions of past presidents.

Retail Stores

While some retail stores may choose to remain open on Presidents Day, many will have reduced hours or be closed altogether. It is advisable to check with individual stores if you plan on doing any shopping on the holiday.

Stock Market

The New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are closed on Presidents Day. This means that there will be no trading activity on the holiday, so investors should plan accordingly.

Public Transportation

Public transportation services may operate on a reduced schedule on Presidents Day. It is best to check with your local transit agency for their holiday schedule to avoid any inconvenience.


Presidents Day is a day to honor and remember the contributions of past US presidents. Understanding what is closed on Presidents Day can help you plan your activities and avoid any unnecessary surprises. Whether you’re looking to run errands, do some shopping, or just relax at home, it’s essential to know which businesses and services will be unavailable on this federal holiday.

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