What is Kindling

Discover the importance of kindling for starting fires and the various types and benefits. Learn how kindling can make fire building easier and more efficient in different settings.


Kindling is an essential component for starting a fire. It consists of small, dry pieces of wood or other materials that ignite easily and help larger fuel catch fire. Understanding the importance of kindling is crucial for fire building in various settings.

Types of Kindling

There are different types of kindling that can be used, including newspaper, cardboard, dry leaves, pine needles, wood shavings, and small branches. Each type of kindling has its own characteristics and advantages for starting a fire in different conditions.

Importance of Kindling

Kindling plays a crucial role in fire starting by providing a quick and reliable source of ignition for larger fuel. Without proper kindling, it can be challenging to start a fire, especially in adverse conditions such as damp wood or windy weather.

Examples of Kindling

  • Newspaper: Crumpled newspaper is a common and effective form of kindling that ignites easily.
  • Wood shavings: Shavings from dry wood are ideal for starting fires due to their quick igniting properties.
  • Dry leaves: Leaves can be crumbled and used as kindling to start a fire quickly.

Case Studies

A study conducted by the National Park Service found that proper use of kindling significantly improved fire starting success rates in camping and outdoor settings. Participants who used adequate kindling were able to start fires faster and with less effort compared to those without kindling.


According to the US Fire Administration, 40% of home fires start in the kitchen due to cooking-related incidents. Proper use of kindling can help safely start fires for cooking or warmth without risking a dangerous situation.

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