What Does CPAC Stand For?

Discover what CPAC stands for and how it influences the conservative movement in the United States. Learn about its history, goals, impact, and examples of CPAC in action. Explore statistics and case studies showcasing the significance of CPAC for conservatives.


CPAC stands for the Conservative Political Action Conference, which is an annual event held in the United States for conservative activists. It is organized by the American Conservative Union and brings together leading conservative voices to discuss current issues and promote conservative values.

History of CPAC

CPAC was founded in 1973 by the American Conservative Union and has since become one of the largest and most influential conservative conferences in the country. Over the years, CPAC has featured prominent speakers such as Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz, and Sarah Palin.

Goals of CPAC

The main goal of CPAC is to unite and energize conservative activists and leaders, provide a platform for discussing conservative ideas, and promote the conservative agenda. CPAC also serves as a networking opportunity for conservatives to connect and collaborate on political goals.

Impact of CPAC

CPAC has had a significant impact on American politics, shaping the conservative movement and influencing policy debates. Speakers at CPAC often set the tone for the conservative agenda and mobilize grassroots activists to support key conservative initiatives.

Examples of CPAC in Action

One example of CPAC’s influence is its role in promoting conservative candidates for political office. Many candidates have used CPAC as a platform to launch their campaigns and rally support from conservative voters.

Case Study: CPAC 2020

CPAC 2020 featured speakers such as President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The conference focused on themes such as border security, healthcare, and economic growth, reflecting key conservative priorities.

Statistics on CPAC

Each year, CPAC attracts thousands of attendees, including conservative activists, politicians, and media outlets. The conference receives extensive media coverage and generates buzz within the conservative community.


In conclusion, CPAC stands for the Conservative Political Action Conference, which plays a vital role in shaping the conservative movement in the United States. By bringing together leading conservative voices and promoting conservative values, CPAC helps energize and unite the conservative base for political action.

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