What Does NGL Mean?

Explore the world of NGLs (Natural Gas Liquids) and learn about their uses, production, and impact on the energy industry.

What is NGL?

NGL stands for Natural Gas Liquids, which are hydrocarbons found in natural gas. These liquids include ethane, propane, butane, and pentane, among others.

Uses of NGL

NGLs have a wide range of uses, including as feedstocks for petrochemical plants, fuel for heating and transportation, and as a diluent for heavy oil and bitumen.

Production and Extraction

NGLs are produced alongside natural gas and are extracted through processes like fractionation and distillation.

Case Study: NGL Usage in the US

In the United States, NGL production has been on the rise due to advancements in drilling technology. The increased supply has led to lower prices for consumers and boosted the petrochemical industry.

Statistics on NGL

  • Global NGL production is projected to reach 15 million barrels per day by 2025.
  • The US is the largest producer of NGLs, accounting for over 20% of global production.
  • NGLs are a crucial part of the energy mix, providing flexibility and diversity to the market.

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