What is a Dike?

Learn about the crucial role that dikes play in preventing flooding and protecting low-lying areas. Explore different types, importance, and case studies.


Dikes are structures built to protect low-lying areas from flooding by holding back water from rivers, lakes, or oceans. They play a crucial role in managing water levels and preventing disasters.

Types of Dikes

  • Embankment Dikes
  • Sea Dikes
  • River Dikes

Importance of Dikes

Dikes provide protection against floods, preserve valuable land for agriculture or urban development, and safeguard critical infrastructure.

Case Study: Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for its extensive dike system, which has allowed the country to reclaim land from the sea and prevent devastating floods.


According to the World Bank, over 500 million people worldwide live in flood-prone areas where dikes are essential for protection.


Dikes are indispensable in the fight against flooding and are vital for sustainable development and disaster prevention.

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