What is Glob?

Discover the power of Glob, a pattern-matching expression for file systems. Learn about its benefits, examples, case studies, and statistics.


Glob, short for ‘global’, is a term commonly used in the tech industry to refer to a pattern-matching expression that can be used to match files or directories in a file system. It is a powerful feature that allows users to specify a set of files based on a specific pattern.

Benefits of Glob

  • Efficient way to search for files
  • Flexible pattern matching
  • Useful for automation tasks

Examples of Glob Patterns

Some common examples of Glob patterns include:

  • *.txt – Matches all files with a .txt extension
  • folder/* – Matches all files in a specific folder
  • **/*.js – Matches all .js files in all subdirectories

Case Studies

Companies like Google and Amazon use Glob patterns extensively in their software development processes. For example, Google uses Glob patterns in its build system to efficiently compile and package code.


A survey of software developers found that 85% of respondents use Glob patterns in their projects. This highlights the widespread adoption and popularity of this feature in the tech community.

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