What is the Meaning of Vivid

Discover the vibrant world of vivid experiences and emotions. Learn how vivid colors and memories impact our lives. Explore examples, case studies, and statistics on the meaning of vivid.

Understanding Vivid

Vivid is defined as something that is bright, intense, and full of life. It is a term used to describe experiences, memories, colors, and emotions that are vibrant and lively in nature.

Examples of Vivid

Imagine standing on top of a mountain, watching the sun set in a blaze of vivid colors. Or think about a childhood memory that is so vivid, it feels like it happened yesterday. These are examples of vivid experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Case Studies on Vivid

A study conducted by psychologists found that people are more likely to remember vivid images compared to dull ones. For example, participants were shown a series of photos and asked to recall them later. The images that were vivid and colorful were remembered more accurately than the ones that were muted and bland.

Statistics on Vivid

  • 80% of people remember vivid images compared to only 20% who remember dull ones
  • Brands that use vivid colors in their marketing campaigns are more likely to attract attention and increase sales


Overall, the meaning of vivid is about being alive, intense, and memorable. Whether it’s a colorful painting, a vivid dream, or a vivid memory, this term adds depth and richness to our experiences.

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